Companies always ponder over the question – In-house QA or external QA? Many times you tend to miss the point that the mind-set required for software development is different from that of software testing. In most instances the developers are used for software testing as well because it is always a challenge to maintain an internal testing team. The product development methodology you adopt also determines whether you need the QA people either from the beginning or after the development reaches a certain level. The new age companies consider external QA that answer these questions favorably.

Sybrant is a leader in Independent Software Testing. Our services are built on strong industry experience and understanding of the contemporary technologies. We help customers realize higher business efficiencies at lower costs by using modern techniques and methodologies. We have extensive experience working offshore using agile testing methodology. We help our customers achieve over 50% reduced Total Cost of Ownership and hence we are their “Testing Partner of Choice” for nearly a decade.

Your organization’s success depends on your ability to adapt quickly and effectively. Disruptive trends and changing market conditions require fast and proactive innovation. Organizations target faster delivery of applications to enable them to differentiate and increase efficiency. However, “faster” won’t translate to business success without an effective Quality Assurance (QA) strategy. Your QA program should be agile and responsive to the changing demands of the business, with success measurements aligned to the business goals and objectives.

Sybrant differentiates itself through its Business Assurance approach by leveraging its robust test framework and methodologies that incorporate testing aligned to business objectives, automated test design, continuous improvement, automation and execution, and continued managed services. We have helped leading companies grow their competitive advantage by our effective approaches to solve their testing challenges. Our test engineers write clear and detailed error report and we can work with any bug-tracking system that our customers are familiar with.

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