MRO Assist

MRO Assist is a mobility solution that facilitates Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organizations to speedup problem identification and provides active assistance in their MRO activities. We use Augmented Reality (AR) that is smarter and system wide. It is able to do this by defragmenting and centralizing your assets, documents, content, knowledge, inventories and workforce management.

In a day-to- day scenario when a device conks the first thing the MRO staff would look for is the product manual. Often they have to go through several pages before they find out the right solution for that problem. We use digital glasses and tablets and our MRO Assist will recognize the device and all the device related content in delivered through an intuitive user interface.

We have developed backend web services for various ERP’s (Enterprise Resource Planners) for the integration needs of our customers. We can synchronize existing documentation, synchronize assets and synchronize workforce with MRO Assist.

Step 1 - Device Recognition

As part of device interaction MRO Assist either scans a tag (QR/NFC) or uses 3D Image Recognition, or combination of technologies (Wi-Fi grid for triangulation + gyroscope + compass + camera) which is called “sensor fusion” to recognize the device. From here, troubleshooting is necessary, howerve content is device specific, and wizard may be used for troubleshooting as well as remedy.

Step 2 - Inside Device

In this phase, the “OEM” will incorporate our processor, allowing for read/write communications with the devices native CPU; this makes MRO Assist intelligent, allowing for the elimination of the troubleshooting, “device recognition” & part(s) availability inquiries. With MRO Assist residing within the device/equipment, it is able to directly receive the error code from the device, then the portions of the device manual(s), drawings, videos, animations, and 3D files are all preloaded for the user, so as they approach the device.