Big Data has been around for quite some time. With the advent of tools for Data Storage, Data Cleansing, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Data Integration and Data Analysis this space has started yielding a lot of business value. Most organizations have realized that if they capture all the data streams both internal and external, can apply analytics to gain substantial value from it. Analytical tools uncover the hidden patterns, correlate them and gain insights almost immediately unlike traditional Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

Sybrant solutions are more agile with high level of efficiency. It facilitates faster & better decision making, higher cost reduction and help introduce new products and services due to better insights. Our fully customizable platform helps businesses in industries such as Retail, eCommerce, Travel, and Financial Services use our Analytics platform in a cost effective manner. While offering Analytics services we use domain experts and data scientists that are aligned to meet the end-to- end needs of the customer covering all the aspects such as Data Management, Reporting and Dashboards, Predictive Modeling and Data Optimization.

How do we make it happen?


Steps in Analytics

  • Decide what to measure (Objective Metric)
  • Collect the data (Internal and External Source; both Structured and Unstructured
  • Analyze the data
  • Report the result (Through Dashboards)
  • Take action (Decision)