Corporate Training

Sybrant leveraging its many years of technology experience offers training solutions for Corporate that combines best-in-class training processes and methodologies. Sybrant’s Corporate Training Programs are suitable for both large enterprises as well as SMEs. Our Ziksin web based training platform allows corporate to develop and distribute training programs, for employees, which can be tracked and updated.

Our training services are cost effective yet helps customer resources sharpen their technical knowledge and obtain quantifiable results. We offer the following training programs that makes us a preferred training services partner for our customers.

  • Class room training
  • Virtual / Webinar training
  • Boot Camp
  • Soft skills
  • Induction programs
  • Project support
  • Build course materials as per customer needs

Our Methodology

We use technical and subject matter experts for our corporate training program. Our concise and relevant course materials provides depth of knowledge your resources would be looking for in the program. Our interactive exercises and group discussions enables the students retain what they have learnt in the program. We ensure the participant present what they have learnt and ensure they are mentored effectively.

Our Process

Corporate Training Process

Our Training Programs

Training Programs