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One of the key components of Digital Transformation is Mobility. Mobility enables seamless collaboration and communication that are the critical requirement for organizations to succeed. Be it to create seamless experiences for customers or improve employee interactivity in real-time mobility is redefining the rules. Anytime, anywhere availability is a must for future-ready, border-less global enterprise.

Mobility Icons

Technology and Frameworks

Sybrant can help you in Mobile application development covering Personalization, UI / UX, mCommerce,Enterprise Integration and Mobile QA.

Custom Development

We build mobile applications for different platforms and devices be it iPhone, iPad, Android or Tablets. Sybrant has been providing best in class service in mobile app development outsourcing services since 2010. When you choose Sybrant, you are partnering with a team that has been designing and developing feature rich mobile apps in a very cost effective manner. Our team is highly qualified with high level of proficiency in building mobile applications for different platforms.

We have high level of expertise in development of enterprise, e-commerce, customer engagement, andcatalogue management mobile apps that are data intensive and need high performance. We guarantee you 100% Satisfaction by meeting your business goals and using best of development and QA processes and believe in building a long term relationship.

Catalogue Management

Catalogue Management is a dynamic process that enables suppliers to quickly broadcast product and price changes, and introduce new items. It ensures the quality of product data and its configurability to the buyer's required format. The underlying system is a dynamic Content Management System (CMS) that effectively stores and manage the content in an efficient manner.You can convert your print based catalogue to a digital format makes that is cost effective and helps in controlled print publishing.

Catalog Management

Easily organized and maintained digital catalogue results in a smooth interaction of your product information for output in multiple ways. It’s also an essential requirement in your ecommerce endeavor and makes sales functioning lot easily. With this Android application Content can be managed in the back end with data being updated dynamically. This application works in data offline mode too. Contents can be managed in the backend for an end-to- end dynamic data update.


  1. Sybrant’s Catalogue Management solution can be carried by Sales Representatives in their Smartphone or Tablet while demonstrating their products to their customers without carrying a huge bunch of printed brochures with them
  2. It is easier to communicate and share with the Customers. By leaving the catalogue with customer in electronic form, customers are delighted to navigate the various products at their convenience including their prices and availability details

Customer Engagement

Today, customers are increasingly distracted due to abundant information and more attention demanding time. Their expectation levels are very high and if you don’t meet their expectation they will be switching their loyalty very soon. Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) try to find numerous ways to engaging with the customers continually.

Customers expect brands to talk about what is relevant to them, instead of visiting the brands website, or through its social media page, where everyone gets to see the same information. To acquire and retain customers brands need to engage with them constantly and meaningfully or else lose them.

Customers want relevant information to be given to them when they need it, anywhere, anytime on any device. With the ever increasing usage of mobile devices and apps, reaching customers through mobile devices is very important. So a brand needs to have a mobile app strategy to have a meaningful, relevant and personalized conversation with them. A conversation that helps them in getting things done, reaching their goals and enriching themselves with knowledge.

Sybrant’s customer engagement platform helps brands build long lasting customer relationship to increase customer loyalty, growth and revenues, irrespective of the brand size. We help brands embrace the ever growing customer preference of using mobile devices to interact, transact and enrich experiences. We make true personalized engagement happen.

Our unique technology platform allows you to manage your increasing mobile users with personalized information, product / service offerings, and easily communicate with your customers. Everything that brands require to personalize engagement with their customers is available on a single platform.

Using our platform brands can streamline processes and minimize costs, while delivering the personalized attention and service that customers crave. By discovering and anticipating customer needs and providing the services that they demand, our platform supports “stickiness” in information delivery that can turn a casual customer into a long-term, high value, loyal business partner.

Mobile Testing

Mobile application testing is a process by which application software developed for hand held mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency. Mobile application testing can be automated or manual type of testing.

Today, the number and variety of mobile applications has grown exponentially. With the number of mobile operating systems and versions, ensuring the applications meet the required quality standard is becoming a challenge. Any compromise would result in damaging the brand reputation in addition to productivity and revenue loss.

Mobile testing is not same as testing traditional desktop and web applications. You need a test lab with a variety of software platforms and versions, with variety of hardware and form factors, under different network connectivity conditions. The test cycles increase manifold due to the rapid pace of OS updates, new devices and customer expectations.

The foremost requirement of Mobile Testing is a comprehensive mobile application testing strategy with clear timelines and budget. The various elements to consider are selecting the Target Devices with and optical mix of simulators, different device models to ensure maximum test coverage.

  1. Test Automation – Selecting an ideal tool and maximize the use to reduce regression testing cost
  2. Network Environment – Simulate cellular connectivity and network conditions within the Wi-fi network conditions
  3. Types of Testing – Functional, Performance, Security, and compliance testing
  4. This way we will be able to address the challenges of Mobile Application Testing effectively